The Process

Step 1. Call Us

Call us today for a free in home consultation to discuss the best strategy for your estate sale.


Step 2. Consultation & Contract

We will arrange a time at your convenience to meet with you in person. At that time we will
walk through the estate documenting the contents through video and photographs to create a
plan that addresses your specific situation.

Based on the initial walk around, we then sit down and decide with you the best services to fit
your needs. When we come to an agreement on how we can help you, a contract addressing
the agreed upon services will be signed.

Step 3. Estate Sale Staging

We take care of everything from start to finish - sorting, cleaning, pricing, advertising, and staging. Our goal is to visually and organizationally present the estate items for sale in the best way to maximize the sales potential of the merchandise. This will include presentation techniques for visual appeal, using display cases, clothing racks, shelving units and tables to present the estate in way that will be easy for customers to shop.

Step 4. Research, Pricing, Ads

Once organized we will photograph, research, price, and advertise the entire contents of the estate. We then utilize a wide range of experts and experience to appropriately price all items. We use industry advertising and marketing outlets proven to drive traffic to \ your estate sale.

Step 5. The Sale

The length of the sale depends on your situation, a majority of sales are between 2-4 days but have potential to go longer if volume of items necessitates. We will provide a clean, organized, calm, and fun place for folks to shop, allowing us to maximize the potential of the estate sale.

Step 6. Post Sale

In most cases we will sell 80 to 90 percent of all items. There will always be a degree of clean up at the conclusion of a sale. During the consultation we will discuss the range of services you may need in regards to removing unsold items, cleaning, and prepping the house for market or the homes next inhabitants.

Step 7. Estate Settlement

Once the sale is complete, the proceeds from the sale will be paid out to the seller based on work outlined in the contract. Typically that is between 5 to 10 days from the end of the sale.